XtremeWinds Faculty 2017

Robert Pacitti – Director and Designer

Zachary Gursky – Assistant Director

Kevin Serfass – Music Arranger

Eli Mudrick – Music Specialist

Michael Drobish – Music Specialist

Jaclyn Dolan – Movement Specialist

Nicole Franklin – Performance Specialist

Melissa Mahler – Seamstress

Edward Protzman – Educational Programming Consultant

a non-profit performing arts organization

Xtreme Drum Corps, Inc. is a 501(c)3 New Jersey Not-for-Profit Corporation

DBA – XtremeWinds
DBA – Windsor Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps

Kevin Serfass – President
David Kapp – Vice President
Erin Serfass – Secretary/Treasurer
Zachary Gursky – Membership Liaison

Xtreme Drum Corps, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 performing arts organization located in the Township of West Windsor, NJ. With its ever expanding programs Xtreme Drum Corps strives to achieve these three basic goals. The first goal is to attract, train and further the artistic skills of men and women of all ages. The second is to teach life skills that include teamwork, conflict resolution, leadership, and time management, skills that forever change the lives of our participants. The third basic goal is to give a diverse group of people the opportunity to not only hear wonderful music and witness an extraordinary performance, but also to give them the opportunity to become a participating member of this very special brand of combined art, music, and pageantry. Our programs produce not only dedicated and talented artists, but also self-sufficient, confident people who forever carry with them the positive effects that their behavior and talents have created.


Phone: 609-577-7923
Address: 216 South Mill Rd. 
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550