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XtremeWinds is currently accepting members in ALL SECTIONS.

If you are interested in joining or are simply considering the corps and would like some information, fill out the form below and we will contact you. You may also use this form if would like to be kept informed about upcoming events.

If you have any issues with this form, please contact our webmaster for assistance using our General Information form.


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Mailing Address:
216 South Mill Rd.
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

Q: If I fill out your form, will I suddenly receive tons of unwanted spam mail and/or other internet junk?
A: We will never share your email address or any other personal information with any third parties. Any information you give us will ONLY be used to help you get involved with our organization, and to keep you informed about us- and will never be passed on to third parties. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be free of all spam, but we are comitted to doing everything we can to make sure we’re NOT part of the problem.

Q: Why do you have users fill out a form to contact you instead of just listing your email address?
A: Due to the large volume of SPAM, we have removed many of our email addresses from this site. This form sends your information by email but the address is hidden from email harvesting programs.

Q: What is this “Image Verification” thing all about?
A: The Image Verification widget in our online forms is a piece of software called reCaptcha that is designed to prevent email harvesters, and automated “bots” that try to send spam emails by automatically filling out forms such as ours. The images are words scanned from actual books that computerized scanning methods have been unable to read- so reCaptcha makes sure that an actual human being is filling out the form rather than an automated spam program trying to exploit our website.


Phone: 609-577-7923
Address: 216 South Mill Rd. 
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550