Pay your Membership Tuition Online!

Members of XtremeWinds can pay your tuition and incidental fees online using either your PayPal account, or any major credit card.

It takes money to keep a Winds Team up and running. While the Xtreme Drum Corps administration does everything possible to help XtremeWinds raise funds through appearances and donations, it is essential to also charge a tuition fee to be paid by the membership to help cover costs of instruction, facilities, and equipment. It is your responsibility as a member to adhere to your Membership Agreement and keep your tuition current. To assist you, the members, we have set up an online tuition payment system.

PLEASE make sure that you write in the comments section exactly what the payment is for (tuition, bus fee, finals weekend, etc.) so that we can keep accurate records.

Email with any questions or concerns.


Phone: 609-577-7923
Address: 216 South Mill Rd. 
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550